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  • 7/12/2021 - Conditional use approval received from Newlin Township! After numerous public hearings spanning nearly 12 months, the Newlin Township Board of Supervisors granted conditional use approval to construct a stealth, mono-pine style communications tower in the Chester County municipality. Brian Seidel, RLA, AICP provided land planning testimony during the hearings to support the application. In addition to testimony, Seidel Planning & Design also conducted a publicly advertised balloon test to illustrate the height & visual impact of the ...
  • 6/15/2021 - A mixed-use commercial district permitted in Delaware County! The land planners at Seidel Planning & Design assisted the staff of a Delaware County municipality with the development of zoning regulations to provide a mixed-use commercial zoning district. The ordinance was prepared to encourage a variety of supporting commercial uses and economic development, while maintaining design regulations to protect the surrounding residential community. 
  • 6/14/2021 - Recreation Master Plans in Delaware County! Seidel Planning & Design prepared concept plans for the redevelopment of Municipal neighborhood pocket-parks in Delaware County, PA. The plans identified parking & pedestrian safety improvements to create ‘community center’ environments, enhance the communities, & support future grant applications.
  • 6/10/2021 - A vote to amend the Borough Redevelopment Plan! Brian Seidel, NJPP provided land planning testimony and obtained an affirmative vote of the Clayton Borough Council to amend the Borough’s Redevelopment Plan to include a key parcel & accommodate a mixed-use, infill-development project within the Borough’s Delsea Drive Commercial Corridor.  Mr. Seidel’s presentation addressed the substantial positive impact the amendment & the proposed density would provide to support the redevelopment & economic development of the ...
  • 6/8/2021 - Community & fiscal impacts assessed in Phoenixville! Phoenixville Borough Council approved a land development application to redevelop an existing property into a multi-family residential community. Planning & Design provided a fiscal impact assessment for the project illustrating the specific methods how the development will reduce costs for the Borough & School District, while increasing revenue. 
  • 6/2/2021 - Restaurant upgrades approved in Hillsborough, NJ! Brian Seidel, NJPP provided land use testimony to obtain site plan approval & variances for the redevelopment of an existing fast-food restaurant in Somerset County, NJ. Testimony illustrated the reduction of numerous non-conforming conditions, & site improvements to address the Township’s Architectural Site Design District & Gateway zoning regulations.
  • 6/2/2021 - Digital models & photographic simulations prepared! The planners & landscape architects at Seidel Planning conducted a visual field investigation in Franklin Park Borough, Allegheny County, PA to assess the potential visual impact of a proposed tower on the surrounding community. Digital terrain models of the area were prepared to identify the impact of various locations & supplemented with photographic simulations. 
  • 5/25/2021 - Seidel Planning is proud to sponsor the APMM 2021 Web Conference! Seidel Planning is proud to sponsor the APMM 2021 Web Conference!
  • 5/24/2021 - Age-qualified housing for Clayton Borough! Land planning testimony was provided by Brian Seidel, NJPP in Clayton Borough, Gloucester County to obtain D1 use variance approval permitting the construction of an age-qualified residential community. Testimony highlighted the substantial buffers from adjacent properties & streets, the preservation of environmentally sensitive areas & open space, & privately owned site improvements.
  • 5/24/2021 - D3 Variances approved in Howell! Brian Seidel, NJPP, AICP provided land planning testimony to obtain approval of a wireless telecommunications facility in Howell Township, Monmouth County, New Jersey.  Mr. Seidel’s testimony was supported with graphic exhibits illustrating the limitations created by the numerous use & setback requirements identified within the Municipal land use regulations.  
  • 5/20/2021 - Adaptive reuse approved in Newtown Township! Brian Seidel, RLA, AICP provided land planning testimony to support the conversion of an existing private school to administrative offices in Delaware County, PA. Highlights of Mr. Seidel’s  testimony were that despite the required variances, the application was consistent with the Future Land Use of the property identified within the Township’s comprehensive plan to obtain the approval. 
  • 5/14/2021 - Landscape plans to support commercial development! The landscape architects at Seidel Planning provided landscape plans for the development of a proposed retail property in the Borough of Perkasie in Bucks County, PA. The plans were prepared to address Municipal zoning & land development requirements including screening of parking areas, street trees, & rain gardens.
  • 5/13/2021 - Microbreweries permitted in Delaware County! The land planners at Seidel Planning & Design assisted the staff of a Delaware County municipality with the development of zoning ordinance amendments to define terms & identify appropriate locations within the Township for food & beverage services including restaurants, microbreweries, & brew pubs. The ordinance was prepared to encourage the development of eating & drinking establishments in established commercial centers and pedestrian corridors. 
  • 5/11/2021 - Residential development feasibility studies prepared in Bucks County! Seidel Planning & Design prepared site capacity calculations to identify permitted densities for a residential property in Bucks County, PA. The calculations provided a guide for the development of multiple sketch plans illustrating a variety of residential dwellings to identify the actual yield anticipated for the subject property. 
  • 4/23/2021 - Plans for fencing & screening! Seidel Planning prepared screening & buffer plans illustrating the location of proposed fencing, earthen berms, and landscaping for a residential property in Telford, PA.  Plans were prepared to address Municipal zoning requirements resulting from a special exception approval recently received for the property. Land use planning testimony supporting the special exception was previously provided by Brian Seidel, RLA, AICP. 
  • 4/20/2021 - An assessment of residential design options! The designers at Seidel Planning prepared digital models to illustrate recommended building & site improvements for a residential property in Douglass Township, Montgomery County. Exhibits illustrated design options for discussion with the property owner & contractor. 
  • 4/13/2021 - Seidel Planning provides direction! The landscape architects & designers at Seidel Planning prepared concept designs for directional signs at a Municipal Park in Delaware County, PA. Exhibits highlighted the design of the signs as well as landscape plans & photographic simulations to illustrating the main entrance to the park.
  • 4/1/2021 - Home occupation approval received in Salford Township! Brian Seidel, RLA, AICP presented land planning testimony to the Township’s Zoning Hearing Board to obtain approval for a family owned home-based business in Montgomery County, PA. Mr. Seidel’s testimony highlighted the consistency of the use with the surrounding community, negligible community impacts, and the consistency of the use with the Township & County’s land use regulations. 
  • 3/25/2021 - Use approvals obtained in Bergen County! Brian Seidel, NJPP, AICP supported an application for the adaptive reuse of a commercial property in the Borough of Maywood, New Jersey. Mr. Seidel’s land planning testimony highlighted the consistency of the use with the area, and satisfaction of the four (4) elements of proof required to pass the Medici test to justify & obtain the use variance relief. 
  • 3/22/2021 - Landscape plans for a commercial redevelopment in Delaware County! Seidel Planning provided landscape plans for the redevelopment of a proposed commercial property in Springfield Township, PA. The plans were prepared to address Municipal zoning & land development requirements, and address additional buffering requests suggested by neighboring property owners at prior community meetings. 


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2014 News Archive

  • 12/12/2014 - Cashing in on approvals in Shickshinny Borough, PA!
    Seidel Planning & Design finalized highway occupancy permits and obtained municipal approvals for the demolition of an existing financial services building and construction of an accessible ATM enclosure. Site plans were prepared to locate the proposed structure on the highest point of the property in an effort to avoid frequent flooding from the nearby Susquehanna River. Illustrative plans and expert land use planning testimony were presented to the Luzerne County municipality to gain ...
  • 11/20/2014 - Beating the clock in Gloucester Township New Jersey!
    Conditional use approval and variances were obtained in the Camden County municipality to permit a wireless communications facility designed as a clock tower adjacent to a residential community. Seidel Planning & Design conducted a balloon test to assess the visual impact on the community and developed a 3D model of the proposed structure. Detailed photographic simulations were prepared illustrating a design incorporating stealth technology to conceal the appearance of the proposed equipment ...
  • 10/20/2014 - Use approval and variances obtained for stealth tower in Plymouth Meeting, PA!
    Use variances as well as dimensional and height variances were approved to construct a stealth telecommunications facility within Plymouth Township, Montgomery County. Seidel Planning & Design provided land use planning testimony, analyzed the existing zoning regulations, prepared a written Site Suitability Assessment, and prepared graphic exhibits illustrating the need for the site and limitations of the zoning regulations. A balloon test was also conducted at the project site to assess ...
  • 9/10/2014 - Keeping a low-profile in Maple Shade, NJ!
    Seidel Planning & Design received approval from the Maple Shade Township Zoning Board of Adjustment for the installation of wireless communications antenna and equipment within a clock tower on an existing multi-family building.SPD conducted a visual investigation of the project site and surrounding area, prepared an alternatives-analysis to assess the suitability of alternate sites, and prepared photographic simulations of alternative design solutions to illustrate the negligible impact of the ...
  • 9/3/2014 - All signs point to an approval in Hatboro!
    Seidel Planning obtained wayfinding and monument sign permits for tenants of a commercial office park in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. A review and interpretation of the zoning regulations by the firm, led to a favorable determination from the code enforcement office regarding the quantity, size, and style of signs permitted on the subject property. Seidel Planning prepared permit drawings and obtained the administrative approval of the proposed signs in two-weeks without the anticipated ...
  • 8/19/2014 - Seidel Planning leads the way in Malvern!
    The Seidel Planning Team obtains signage permits for the redevelopment of a corporate office park in Chester County! Extensive research of zoning regulations, calculations, and coordination with municipal staff was provided to develop a design solution maximizing the sign area within the multi-building office campus, while eliminating the need for time consuming and costly public hearings. The administrative permits for wayfinding, building, directional, and monument signs were prepared and ...
  • 8/18/2014 - Variances approved in Upper Uwchland Township, Pennsylvania!
    The SPD team obtained variances to deviate from standards of the zoning ordinance to exceed the permitted height of a structure, reduce required setbacks from property lines, and allow disturbance to regulated steep slopeareas from the Chester County municipality. Testimony was provided by Brian Seidel, a land use planner and landscape architect with the firm, indicating the property could not be developed in strict conformance with the zoning regulations justifying the variances. Mr. ...
  • 8/14/2014 - Seidel Planning & Design’s approvals are through the roof in Essex County, New Jersey!
    New Jersey Professional Planner Brian E. Seidel, provided land use planning testimony obtaining approval from the City of Newark’s Zoning Board of Adjustment for the addition of wireless communications equipment and antenna on the roof of an existing multi-family building. Testimony was supported with a photographic inventory of the existing building with a scale representation of the proposed antenna to verify the accuracy of photographic simulations illustrating the negligible impact on ...
  • 8/13/2014 - A 2-for-1 Special (Exception) in Carlisle, Pennsylvania!
    Brian E. Seidel, RLA, AICP provides land use planning testimony to the Middlesex Township Zoning Hearing Board obtaining special exception approval and variances for two (2) new communication towers in Cumberland County Pennsylvania.Seidel Planning & Design prepared written Site Suitability Assessments, presented graphic zoning analyses, and prepared aerial photographic simulations illustrating views of the proposed project to obtain a unanimous approval from the board for both tower locations ...
  • 8/11/2014 - Seidel Planning & Design assists in obtaining variances in Gloucester Township, Camden County, New Jersey!
    The Seidel Planning Team assists in obtaining another zoning and land use approval for a prominent National Wireless Communications’ Carrier.  A comprehensive approach to providing effective Land Solutions was utilized, and the teams’ extensive experience and talents provided an argument that could not be refuted.   A start to finish approach was applied beginning with aballoon testand photographic simulations, leading way to a series of detailed and compellinggraphic ...
  • 7/14/2014 - Special Exception approval obtained in Adams County, Pennsylvania!
    The Seidel Planning team obtained Special Exception approval from the Abbottstown Borough’s zoning hearing board for the construction of a 120-foot tall monopole style communications tower. Seidel Planning conducted a balloon test and photographic inventory of the project site to assess the visual impact of the structure, and prepared photographic simulations illustrating the view of the tower from adjacent roadways and properties. Thegraphic exhibits were incorporated into a written Site ...
  • 7/11/2014 - Seidel Planning & Design launches new website!
    Welcome to the new and improved website for Seidel Planning & Design, Ltd. Please contact our office at (610) 323 8752, or visit us at 1240 E Schuylkill Road, Pottstown, PA 19465.
  • 6/12/2014 - Board approval received in Randolph Township New Jersey!
    Seidel Planning & Design, Ltd. prepared a photographic inventory and photo-simulations for the addition of antenna and related equipment on an existing communications tower in Morris County. The graphic exhibits were presented with land use planning testimony from Brian E. Seidel, LLA, NJPP, providing justification to the municipal zoning board for approval of the requested use variances.

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